Equipment of NUSPARK Inc.   Nuspark equipment is  an official dealer of an Canadian Equipment company Nuspark. NUSPARK Inc. is a recognized global leader in the field of automation of packing processes and robotics. The assortment of NUSPARK Inc. equipment includes cartooning machines, tray and corrugated box shapers, monoblock placing machines, as well as other automated and robotic technology for the final packaging. 


Are you looking for a full cycle or turnkey packing equipment? Do you want to pack liquid, bulk, spreadable and multicomponent products? Are you interested in packing into cans, film, pouches, bottles, trays, boxes? Do you need semi- automated or robotic packing equipment and tare? We have it! in 2017 became an official distributor of NUSPARK Inc. – the  leading players in the market of packing equipment.

A Canadian company NUSPARK is engaged in the production of packing robotic equipment, inter alia, on a by-order basis. Thanks to the machinery produced by NUSPARK Inc. your operating area will be used to the maximum, but costs will be reduced. NUSPARK packing equipment operates in 15 countries on 4 continents. NUSPARK robotized lines pack products of Nestle, Parmalat, Kraft etc. manufacturers, which can reduce costs.

Why NUSPARK packing equipment would work for more than 10 years!
If you are looking for packing equipment, which would work for a couple of years and break down – this is not about us. NUSPARK packing equipment works over the course of decades!

These processing lines exhibit high productivity (up to 60 cycles/min). NUSPARK equipment packs more than 1000 types of products and stack on pallets. 


Why Look at 10 our services!

  • Delivery – a full range of packing materials of NUSPARK.
  • ‘Custom-made’ equipment engineering – tailored to the customer’s product and tare.
  • Equipment in SKD assembly – for those, who wish to cut costs by 30-40%.
  • Assembly, commissioning and start-up.
  • Modernization to produce other packaging. Repair – although our machines almost do not break.
  • Warranty and maintenance service – our engineers will visit you.
  • Supply of spare parts from our warehouse.
  • Free training of your personnel.
  • Supply of pouches, trays, buckets and sealing lids, inter alia, of our own produce.

Why Experience of each of ten of our employees – from 10 years!
Our commercial director has ‘stewed’ in this sphere for over 10 years, technical staff — from 10 to 20 years. – All-in-One. We supply both commercial and customised machines. We have off the shelf packing equipment and production units in SKD assembly. We launch lines on a turnkey basis and supply tare – feel free, call us!

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About us

Joy-Co is specialized in the production of ingredients for dairy products, ice cream and confectionery. All ingredients can be used as add-ins for the main product, as decoration, and also can be packed in an extra double cup compartment, or packed into a topper. Another area of our activity is contract production, which allows our customers to produce goods under their own brand without in-house production costs or investments in equipment purchase and maintain. 

Our company has it all: high-quality raw materials base, sophisticated technologies, modern equipment and a team of professionals who will develop and produce an unique product for you.

The company is engaged in the contract manufacturing of various biscuits and small size tablets (from 5 mm), which can be used both as an independent product and as an ingredient for the dairy and confectionery industry, ice cream production and HoReCa segment.

Due to its technical base and team of professionals, Joy-Co successfully localizes production for the world's largest food producers.

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