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A flat format of a flexible package can have three or four seams along the perimeter. The package properties are very similar to a Stand Up pouch, except stability.
Premade Company can manufacturer figured sachet, which can significantly distinguish your commodity amongst others, flesh out the package design with a silhouette.
The leak-proof properties are very high: protection against humidity, sunlight, penetration of odours or product decay etc.
Package can be produced from different materials, including multi-ply. Sachet is also suitable for packing liquids, granular products, powdered and spreadable products. Can be used both for food products and for household chemicals, beauty preparations.

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Find out the cost

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  • figured;
  • with full – colour printing;
  • with rounded corners;
  • with zip lock;
  • matt or glossy top coating;
  • with measured dosing;
  • with a transparent polypropylene window for the demonstration of the content;
  • with a handle or euroslot hang tabs;
  • scored for the convenient opening.

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About us

Joy-Co is specialized in the production of ingredients for dairy products, ice cream and confectionery. All ingredients can be used as add-ins for the main product, as decoration, and also can be packed in an extra double cup compartment, or packed into a topper. Another area of our activity is contract production, which allows our customers to produce goods under their own brand without in-house production costs or investments in equipment purchase and maintain. 

Our company has it all: high-quality raw materials base, sophisticated technologies, modern equipment and a team of professionals who will develop and produce an unique product for you.

The company is engaged in the contract manufacturing of various biscuits and small size tablets (from 5 mm), which can be used both as an independent product and as an ingredient for the dairy and confectionery industry, ice cream production and HoReCa segment.

Due to its technical base and team of professionals, Joy-Co successfully localizes production for the world's largest food producers.

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